Leonardi Medici Clinic in Szymanów near Konstancin-Jeziorna is a rehabilitation center that provides inpatient and outpatient medical services. The concept of ​​Leonardi therapy is based on care for the patient and health recovery.


The value ​​of Leonardi lies in professional medical care focused on the broad specialist rehabilitation of the patient, whose treatment effects and satisfaction are assigned the top priority.


Leonardi therapeutic program is focused on achieving the best treatment results. We provide patients with a comfortable rest, specialized rehabilitation care, full diagnostics and dedicated therapy, areas for resting and medical recreation, specialists supervising the quality of services.


The experience inspired Leonardi to provide the Patient with the best, tailored solutions. The Patient gets a full medical rehabilitation combined with high standards of rest.


The strength of Leonardi Medici Clinic comes from the specialists in the field of rehabilitation
• doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, masseurs, nutritionists who devote their work to the most important idea
• improving the quality and health of the patient.


Leonardi is looking for new technological solutions to improve the quality of patients' health. It focuses on top solutions of treatment, has modern equipment and cooperates with global leaders in the medical equipment industry.


The treatment methods used in Leonardi are based on traditional, effective forms of therapy in combination with modern technologies.


Leonardi Medici Clinic is a symbol of medical rest oriented on bringing the patient satisfaction.


Leonardi Center is a modern medical unit that uses qualified medical staff from the Kanstancin Jeziorna rehabilitation center.


Konstancin Jeziorna health resort is a unique place with a decades-long tradition of training specialized medical staff in the field of rehabilitation. This resort is located in the buffer zone of forests, with full sanatorium infrastructure, graduation towers and numerous attractions for patients. The area offers invaluable opportunities for physical activity in the buffer zone of the Chojnowski Landscape Park -all this in the immediate vicinity of Warsaw.