Musculoskeletal disorders

The Leonardi Medici Clinic Center offers comprehensive rehabilitation for people with musculoskeletal disorders, including pain in the joints, knees, hips, pelvis, post-traumatic rehabilitation of the spine, dysfunctions of the skeletal system.


We provide comprehensive care in the area of:

• medical examination

• physiotherapeutic examination

• treatments in accordance with medical indications

• kinesitherapy treatments

• physiotherapy treatments

• systemic and local cryotherapy

• hydrotherapy

• osteopathy

• healing massages

• psychotherapy

• individual manual therapy


Our therapists implement a therapeutic program based on the methods:

• soft tissue relaxation techniques

• deep tissue massage

• PNF concept (re-learning of disturbed movement)

• functional therapy

• psychomotorics

• relaxation

• Mc Kenzie


Physiotherapic treatments include:

• healing massages

• laser therapy

• electrotherapy

• hydrotherapy

• ultrasounds

• phototherapy

• warm therapy (fango)

• magnetotherapy


We provide therapeutic, medical, nursing and psychological care.


A program of inpatient rehabilitation stays from 140,00PLN person per day (check the offer)